It started with MasterChef Junior. As some things do. I became certifiably addicted to MasterChef Junior last December, and quickly became inspired. I was watching tiny children cook chard-wrapped salmon with coconut fish broth and salt-crusted branzino and many other foods of which I had never heard. Basically, if you haven’t watched MasterChef Junior, you probably don’t love yourself enough. It has changed my life and the way I look at the world.

From MasterChef Junior, I moved onto harder things like Barefoot Contessa. In the span of four days, I watched every single episode available on YouTube and then found it difficult to concentrate without Ina Garten’s soothing voice and melodic giggles in my ears. I watched every cooking show I could get my hands on. And I started to lose my mind because I wanted to cook so badly!

I’ve loved to bake for years, and I consider myself pretty good at it. I had a certain summer where I baked a different baked good pretty much every day. It was basically a batch of cupcakes daily and the only people who ate them were my sister and I. Flash to my doctor’s appointment and the doctor goes, “Have you adopted a little baking habit?” as a FUN JOKE and I was like “Yup.” I’ve developed a better exercise routine since then but still. That was rude.

Anyways. I bake but I don’t do much cooking. Right now, I’m a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin and still have no access to a kitchen. But I am ITCHING to cook. I plan on going kitchen-crazy when I go home for spring break next week and then dedicating my whole summer to learning the techniques of the pros. My mom is an amazing chef who spent some time at culinary school so I’m relying a lot on her, but I really want to become completely independent and be able to cook a wonderful meal all by myself. I will be using this blog to document my cooking journey and I hope I’ll be learning a lot.

– Sophie