pappardelle pomodoro with meatballs

I am very happy to report that I have found my new favorite homemade pasta sauce recipe! Coming from the one and only Bon Appetit (quick aside to Bon Appetit- please hire me after I graduate! love you lots xoxo). This sauce is dynamite and so easy to make. I tried it for the first time last week on a linguine topped with fresh burrata from Paula Lambert’s Mozzarella Company here in Dallas (it was devoured before I could get a picture).

I became obsessed with pappardelle after trying the Trader Joe’s version earlier this week. I just love the shape! I want to try as many pastas as I can. There are currently eight boxes of penne in our pantry courtesy of my dad and we HATE IT! There are MANY MORE PASTAS!

IMG_4469 (1)

Anyway, my mom and I tag teamed this dinner tonight- I made the pasta, she made the meatballs (ground beef + pork sausage). I decided to top mine with a dollop of ricotta to try and recreate that magical burrata-meets-pasta feeling from the other night. Not quite the same, but very delicious.


P.S. Made an Instagram for the blog- @flymetothespoon.