I’ve wanted to make mejadra from the Jerusalem cookbook for a while now, mainly because I am passionate about onions in all of their many forms, but especially fried. I took a few liberties with the amount and variety of spices involved in this dish because I am NOT rolling in spice money, but it still turned out delicious. Mejadra is a traditional Arab comfort food dish consisting of rice, lentils, spices, and fried onions.


I used basmati rice which is always a good call, as well as green lentils. I didn’t quite follow  the instructions and basically cooked all the components separately, then sauteed them together in the skillet. It turned out delicious and saved me a bit of time. I also eyeballed most of the measurements since I am not good at translating a six person recipe to a one person recipe. Anyway. I would recommend this and will make it again. Comfort food from other cultures is healthy, right?!?!




mustard milanese with arugula salad

It’s been a while! March was busy, and included a trip to West Texas with some memorable food moments in between. A total of perhaps nine restaurants in Marfa led to some questionable choices, but a fried egg and sauteed onion-graced cheeseburger eaten in a 58-person ghost town was also among the best burgers I have ever had.

With every new Smitten Kitchen recipe I try, my heart grows fonder and fonder of Deb. This mustard milanese, likely the classiest fried chicken dish I’ll have in my life, just rocked my world on this Monday evening. Never in my life would I have thought I would get full from a half of a boneless, skinless chicken breast. But panko bread crumbs combined with lots of oil can do amazing things.