marcella hazan/spaghetti pangrattatto

Marcella Hazan’s tomato sauce smells like my mom. Not that she smells like tomato sauce, but I always associate the smell of it with dinners she makes. I remember that sauce all the time but I’ve never made it. Honestly, why do I bother with any other sauce? It’s so simple, so rich, so complex with only 3 ingredients. For those unfamiliar, it is nothing more than a can of whole tomatoes, a halved onion, and butter simmered for 45 minutes. In my opinion, this sauce is nothing short of an incredible culinary feat.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I also have been wanting to make Smitten Kitchen’s spaghetti pangrattato with crispy eggs, but that spaghetti does not technically have a sauce. I worried whether or not adding these flavored breadcrumbs to this perfect, simple sauce would distract from the sauce’s simplicity or soften the crispy breadcrumbs. But I just decided to go for it. It was very very good, but this sauce’s richness truly doesn’t need anything else. I’ll make Deb’s normal crispy egg pangrattato very soon!

Though I may need to pump the brakes on the pasta.



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