brownie pie

Made Ina’s Brownie Pie the other day. My sister’s gonna have a really rough time when I’m back at school and she can’t just be like “Sophie I want dessert” then I pore over cookbooks for twenty minutes until we decide what I should make her. This pie is bomb as hell. The crust is like a perfect not-too-tough brownie corner (my favorite part) and the inside is gooey and chocolatey and perfect.




french onion soup

Nothing like a hot and dense bowl of French onion soup to refresh you on a 105 degree day!!!!!! Despite the temperature, I’ve still wanted to make this lately, but my parents refused, wanting a cold soup instead. But here’s the deal: cold soups ARE NOT GOOD. So they went out to dinner and I made this steaming bowl of soup for my sister and I and dammit, we liked it. It’s not the prettiest soup but it certainly was one of the most delicious ones I’ve ever made. Ina’s (very boozy) recipe, naturally. I sure am going to miss my parents’ cabinet of fancy liquors when I go back to school because she uses cognac in like 40 percent of her dishes.



honey vanilla pound cake

Made Ina’s Honey Vanilla Pound Cake spontaneously the other night after a day of frenetically LinkedIn-stalking Ina’s social media assistant and trying to figure out how I can get that exact job after I graduate. After anguishing over her perfect life of cooking with Ina and going to Taylor Swift concerts with Ina, it was a perfectly delicious and somewhat light dessert.



another french meal?

The main course was Lemon Chicken with Croutons. This looked marvelous when it was brought out but the illusion was quickly shattered when I realized I had no idea how to carve a chicken and nobody else did either. I watched a few Youtube videos at the table (just like Ina does~!!!!!!) but ended up just hacking at the chicken and putting all the meat on a plate that people just took from….yikes. Still don’t know how to carve a chicken. But this was a really good chicken. The juices get all into the croutons mmmmmmmm it was good.


This was supposed to be Endive, Orange, and Roquefort salad but I quickly nixed the endive when I actually started to work with it. I used baby spinach instead and it turned out to be a great summery salad. It has a really nice orange vinaigrette and has chunks of apples and oranges in it alongside toasted walnuts and blue cheese. Two thumbs up! Zero thumbs up for endive!


Garlic Mashed Potatoes which gave me HELL. I tried to use our food mill which hadn’t been used in probably fifteen years and it wasn’t working and then I tried the hand mixer and potatoes were getting everywhere then I tried the food processor and it couldn’t hold all the potatoes so I did it in batches and there were potatoes on like seven different dishes and approximately every single inch of the kitchen. But they were good. Albeit unphotogenic.


And I brought it home with….PROFITEROLES. My sister has been wanting me to make these forever and they did not disappoint. What a perfect dessert. And surprisingly easy to make! FIVE HUNDRED THUMBS UP


All from the Barefoot in Paris cookbook except the salad which is BC Foolproof.


matzo ball soup

Really good matzo ball soup is really and truly one of my favorite foods ever. But here’s the deal- NOBODY IN THE STATE OF TEXAS SEEMS TO WANT TO SELL IT, so I only enjoy it once a year during Passover time. When I inquired to my mom about the soup this last Passover, she told me it wasn’t hard to make, just time consuming, which is why she only makes it once a year (and it should be said she makes it for about 30 people for the first seder). So I made it my mission.

Homemade chicken stock is so astronomically better than boxed stock, it’s almost a crime that boxed is even sold. Ina says it all the time, but it’s TRUE. There’s something so satisfying about watching a huge pot of herbs and vegetables and chicken simmer over hours and hours with the house smelling so good. The only downside of this process was handling the raw chickens, which I still can’t deal with maturely.

But otherwise, this was such a satisfying thing to make and eat (even on a 105 degree day). It was fun eating it without matzo and saltwater-dipped parsley and charoset. It was fun just eating it on a normal day.

The photos of this soup were deleted in a tragic accident and were not able to be salvaged. What I do have is this braggadocious Snapchat of the matzo balls cooking. The smells happening in this kitchen, man….the smells.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.37.53 PM

This photo thing might be a blessing in disguise, as matzo ball soup could be one of the most unphotogenic dishes I’ve ever made or eaten. Here’s a picture of Ina’s looking about as good as it can.

250_62 chicken soup with matzo balls



composed caesar salad with blue cheese and bacon

Otherwise known as “I Failed At Making A Soft-Boiled Egg But Hey, It Still Turned Out Delicious.” It was just my dad and I for dinner tonight, and we wanted something a little lighter, having eaten a fried chicken sandwich, a stack of pancakes, and eggs Benedict between us for lunch. I had really wanted to make this salad the other day but we had no blue cheese and the bacon had gone bad. But I still made the dressing, and I was able to use the rest of it in this salad today! And it got even better after a couple of days.

Anything with Roquefort is a HUGE win for me. It’s my all time favorite cheese, and it was a wonderful addition in this salad. The whole thing was hearty enough to feel full for dinner (a rare feat for a salad…) and it looked so lovely all composed like this. The blue cheese spread on the garlic toasts was especially delightful. The recipe is from Ina Garten’s Make It Ahead cookbook. It would have looked so beautiful with that soft-boiled egg……but I’ll carry on.