fettuccine with roasted garlic butter and roasted tomatoes

Yesterday morning on Instagram, I came across this pasta made by Jessica of How Sweet It Is. It looked amazing! I love garlic, I love pasta, I love butter, and we had a bowl full of tomatoes that my mom has been growing. It seemed only right to make this for dinner. It was a great summery bowl of pasta and I loved it.

IMG_2048 IMG_2050

This was my first time making compound butter and I’m so excited to see what other kinds of butter I can make (and to see what else I can put the leftover roasted garlic butter on…) It’s such an easy way to add a ton of flavor and you can make a lot of flavored butter ahead and use it on whatever deserves it! (EDIT: I just put it on avocado toast and I HAVE ASCENDED.)

I used fettuccine instead of bucatini. I feel like I need to eat a lot more pastas because half of the pastas I read about I’ve never heard of. Shame.



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